I Listen CO

I Listen, CO

I Listen CO (formally I Listen So You Don’t Have To) started as an outlet for me to share my personal experiences at live shows and make new music recommendations to friends, family, and whoever else was interested. It was initially an e-mail distribution that started in San Francisco in 2006.

Real life got in the way of this blog in 2016, but I hope to revive it after being without live music for much of the past two years.

This blog is a personal outlet of one person and is one person’s opinion.

I Listen will cover country, rock, hip-hop, noise, punk, metal, r&b, pop, and everything else.

If you are an artist and would like your music removed, please e-mail me at ilsudh2@gmail.com.

This blog is based in Denver, CO. I moved here from San Francisco with my wife and daughter in 2008.